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Obretsim (Fusion with Eddy)


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The Eds' Epic Adventure

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Part 3: Video 1

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Part 3: Video 1

BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo is a survivor of the hair kingdom & wiggin specialist. He fights to protect the peace of hair everywhere in the world with his rebels & friends, Don Patch & Hatenko. He sometimes can be wierd, but he does it when it's a wiggin gag which means he faking to get a better chance to attack his foes with his nose hair, which he uses as his main weapon.


The Eds' Epic AdventureEdit

Bo-BoBo serves as an ally to the Eds in the show. He first appears in the beginning of Part 3, where he fights General Lee Fishcake, Guy BOY, & Churro Charlie with Eddy & Don Patch. He manages to take down Churro Charlie, while in a fish costume. When Eddy gets knocked out by General Lee Fishcake, he dives in the buoy to save him. The duo later have dinner, where Bo-BoBo eats Eddy's poop, creating a fusion (which is one of his abilities) named Obretsim. After the fusion time limit is up, he & Eddy turn back to normal & Bo-BoBo compliments the general on how well he fought. Bo-BoBo, along with Hatenko & Don Patch (since he is with Ed at the giant coin game) join the Eds after helping them in the battle.


Bo-BoBo has the ability to create fusions when a certain character enters his body. Here is a list of characters of Bo-BoBo's fusions.



"The name's Obretsim."

Obretsim is the fusion between Bo-BoBo & Eddy. He appeared when Eddy in critical danger & Bo-BoBo ate his poop to become this fusion. He fought against General Lee Fishcake, GUY Boy, & Churro Charlie where he asked the team 6 questions about peace & love, but they got them all wrong (the 5th question was right, but he didn't like the way the general said it), which resulted their defeat. This is the only time Obretsim appeared in the show.

Episode appearance: Part 3: Video 1