Dark Harvest Film's profile icon on Steam.

Dark Harvest Films is a voice actor for many redubbed DJ TOONS. He is known for his role of K'nuckles in the Flapjack Dub & Doc Boy in Doc Time. He is now helping his friend Snorlax318 with a new show called DJ TOONS Gamers.

Voice ActingEdit

His voice acting began in 2010, when he voiced K'nuckles in the Flapjack Dub. From here, he voiced in many other redubbed DJ TOONS on 4shared.

YouTube ShowsEdit

  • DJ TOONS Gamers - Himself


  • Doc Time - Doc Boy, Veronica, Ganon, Additonal voices
  • Flapjack Dub - K'nuckles, Doc Boy, Ganon, Additional voices
  • Phatkidd - Bobby Kidd, Jale Grubble, Additional voices