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Sarah (younger sister)


Eddy, Edd, Jonny, Plank, Rolf


Kevin (possibly), Dr. Robotnik


Ed Edd n Eddy Poop, The Eds' Epic Adventure

First Appearance

The Vengeance Of Wilfred (Ed Edd n Eddy Poop)

Episode Appearances

0-10 (Ed Edd n Eddy Poop), Part 1-Part 2: Video 2 (The Eds' Epic Adventure)

Ed is the strongest of the Eds. He is characterized as dimwitted, genuine-hearted, and absentminded. He often blurts out obscure references and statements unrelated to the current story or conversation, or are humorously twisted due to him misconstruing the situation. Ed has a hard time telling the difference between his movies and comics and reality. Eddy often makes use of this shortcoming to convince Ed to do various tasks. Ed can also easily be manipulated by his little sister Sarah, due to his immense fear/respect for her, and her repeated threats to "tell mom" on him. Ed has superhuman strength, although so do several of the characters at certain times. He is capable of lifting cars, refrigerators, houses, and other heavy objects.


Ed Edd n Eddy PoopEdit

Season 1Edit

Ed first appears in The Vengeance Of Wilfred, where he was one of Wilfred's victims & took Edd's place before Wilfred killed him. He still appears in skits of the show though.

Season 2Edit

Episode 10 0002

Ed and Eddy hosting the first ever EEnE Poop telethon. (Season 2, Episode 5)

In The Interactive Episode, Ed serves as one of the 3 main characters in the game. In Seek mode, Ed was in charge of Edd's googles to find everyone. In Hide mode, Ed usually made the trio lose their first hiding spot & the trio had to find another. In What A Weasel, Ed & Eddy host a telethon to boost their chances of getting a third season of their show. Ed killed many things during it like animals, his sister Sarah, Shadow, & others. Ed maybe still alive even though it is unknown what happended to him during the rampage.

The Eds' Epic AdventureEdit

Edventure 0002

"Then, there is not much time before Ganon, gets to squeeze the life out of us!"

Ed serves as one of the 3 main heroes in the series. In Part 1, he warned Eddy & Edd about Ganon (one of the enemies they were suppose to kill) when they entered the junkyard world. Ed managed to defeat Ganon when Eddy pulled out a jawbreaker in front of Ganon & also saved Kevin in the process. In Part 2: Video 1, Ed didn't do anything except search for Eddy in the gag factory. In Part 2: Video 2, Ed was turned into a robot with a fork through his head by Dr. Robotnik. Jonny defeated him & Eddy, but its unknown what happended to him when the show was cancelled after that.