Hair Color

The three strands of hair protruding from under his hat are black, unknown if he has more under his sock hat


Eddy, Ed, Kevin (possibly), Jonny, Plank


Dr. Robotnik


Ed Edd n Eddy Poop, The Eds' Epic Adventure

First Appearance

The Vengeance Of Wilfred (Ed Edd n Eddy Poop)

Episode appearances

0-10 (Ed Edd n Eddy Poop), Part 1-Part 2: Video 2 (The Eds' Epic Adventure)

Edd (commonly referred to as "Double D", from his name having two D's, and to differentiate him and not to mix him up with Ed as confusion) is a young inventor, hard studier and neat freak. He is the most intelligent and well-behaved of the Eds. He wears a trademark sock-like black ski hat all the time, used to hide a mystery which is never revealed at all. As such, he never takes it off except for when necessary, such as showering. Even then, he wears a similar-shaped shower cap.


Ed Edd n Eddy PoopEdit

Season 1Edit

Edd first appears in The Vengeance Of Wilfred, where he was a victim of Wilfred. Before Wilfred killed him the first time, Ed took his place. Wilfred then killed him & Eddy at the end of the episode. Edd still appears in skits of the show though. In Boat Smarts With Double D, Edd made a car instructional video with the help of Ed & Kevin.

Season 2Edit

Episode 7 0006

Edd playing his pedal-steel guitar in Season 2. (Season 2, Episode 2)

Edd plays his pedal-steel guitar in some points of the show playing songs used in YTPMVs or popular songs that people know. In The Interactive Episode, Edd serves as one of the 3 main characters in the game. In seek mode, Edd builds body heat-seeking googles to help find the kids easier, but also put in a selfdestruct switch in for some reason (not explained why). In What A Weasel, Edd serves an assitant in the telethon. After the rampage, it shows Edd on the ground with his eyes closed while Roger comes in to pick up the monkey that Eddy put a $10,000 deposit on. It is unknown if Edd is still alive or not after the rampage.

The Eds' Epic AdventureEdit

Dawn Of The Eds 0001

"But Eddy I still need to-"

Edd serves as one of the 3 main heroes in the series. He is an inventor in this series. In Part 2: Video 1, Edd builds a rocket in order to reach the next world & Eddy decides to test it out & it works. Edd also built a teleporter for him & Ed in case the rocket got destroyed (which it did by Captain Falcon). In Part 2: Video 2, Edd is looking for Eddy & Ed in the gag factory, but finds Eddy turned into a robot & shots him out of the factory. Captain Melonhead (aka Jonny) then comes in to rescue him & the others. It is unknown what happended after that when the show got cancelled.