F 1



Hair Color

Black strands of hair


Roger (older brother), Barry (son)


Everyone except enemies




F+ Man (xtranormal version)

First Appearance

Pilot (F+ Man)

Episode apperances

1-3 (F+ Man)

Frank "F+" Chet is the main mascot for the DJ TOONS YouTube page. He is also Snorlax318's first character that he made as a DJ TOONS character. He is known for appearing in Snorlax318's flipnotes on Flipnote Hatena. It is revealed on Snorlax318's Flipnote Hatena profile that he was created when Snorlax318 was in the 7th grade.


F+ Man (xtranormal version)Edit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1 0004

F-Plus as he appears in the xtranormal version. (Season 1, Episode 1)

F+ first appears in the Pilot episode. He goes to college & lives in a dorn shared with his older brother Roger & son Barry. He tries to get a good grade with the help of Roger most of the time, but sometimes fail. In one episode, Roger makes a car for him in order to make a grade on an extra-credit assignment, which is to do an incredible car stunt, but fails when engine sludge falls on his car. F+ personally loves to ask for help and would do anything to get a good grade. The show cancelled when it reached it's 3rd episode, but F+ still appears in flipnotes made by Snorlax318 in the DSi application, Flipnote Studio in Flipnote Hatena.