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Sarah, Ed, Edd, Wilfred


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First Appearance

The Vengeance Of Wilfred (pilot)

Episode appearances

0-3, 5-9

Jimmy is an insecure child with a propensity to cry. He wishes to become famous, and is most often seen spending his time with Sarah. Jimmy is accident-prone, usually sporting many bandages, and is the weakest kid in the cul-de-sac. (As evidenced in Grand Theft Jimmy, where he got severely injured when driving a car & falling out of it & ended up in lots of bandages.)


Season 1Edit

Jimmy first appeared in The Vengeance Of Wilfred, where he & Sarah are lost in a forest of sunflowers. They soon find Wilfred & Jimmy bonds with him (despite Wilfred killing Sarah). Wilfred then defending Jimmy by killing the Kankers when they stole his caramel apple stick. Jimmy & Wilfred then at the end were revealed that no one can find them no matter where they go. Jimmy still appears in skits of the show though.
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Jimmy bonding with Wilfred. (Season 1, Episode 0)

Season 2Edit

Jimmy appears again in the second season with 2 major roles in it.
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Jimmy finding a game of Grand Theft Auto. (Season 2, Episode 2)

In Grand Theft Jimmy, Eddy fires Jimmy from working on the show due to him thinking that the show isn't right for him. A couple of injuries later, Jimmy finds a game of Grand Theft Auto in a bush & decides to use the power & actions of that game onto the entire cul-de-sac. Jimmy gets injured in the end & is revealed that he got rehired by Eddy. His second major role was in The Interactive Episode. If players choose the seek option, they either had to go after him in the end or just ignore him. If players choose the hide option, Jimmy is it & players need to hide the Eds from him in order to win the game. In What A Weasel, it is unknown what happended to Jimmy at the end, even though he wasn't in the telethon stage.