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Luigi (younger brother)


Everyone except enemies


Bowser (arch-rival), Peach


Super Mario 64: The Grand Series

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Plumbers On The Go

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Mario is the legendary mascot of Nintendo & a plumber. He is known based on his appearance & his jobs in the Mushroom Kingdom. He fights his arch-rival, Bowser all the time in case that Peach gets captured.


Super Mario 64: The Grand SeriesEdit

Episode 1 0006

Mario arrives at Peach's Castle Yard by exiting a warp pipe. (Episode 1)

Mario first appears in Plumbers On The Go, where he is invited to Peach's Castle by Peach herself for some cake. Mario is only there to get the cake & is revealed that he has no feelings for Peach at all. Mario makes friends with Lakitu (a former partner of Bowser) & decides to make him his guide. Mario is then forced to collect 8 power stars to defeat Bowser & free Peach. Mario then reunites with Yoshi & makes friends with a red Bomb-omb named Bumbs. At the end of Lethal Alliances At The Bully Kingdom, Mario is looking for the last power star, but Bowser successfully kills him with his death cannon. In Soar To The Distorted Sky, Mario ends up in heaven, uses the power of the 8 power stars to revive himself, & heads straight to Bowser to defeat him for the final time.
Episode 6 0004

Mario demanding Peach to give him her castle or else he'll kill her. (Episode 6)

Mario defeats Bowser and regains the Grand Star. In Mario's Departion, Peach is then released & thanks Mario for saving her. Mario gets angry because he demands his cake that she promised him. After Peach kisses him, Mario uses Bowser's death cannon to kill her & crowns himself king of the Mushroom Kingdom.