MasterOfZoroark (originally named Snorlax318) is the creator of DJ TOONS & is a voice actor for many redubbed DJ TOONS. He is known for his role of Flapjack in the Flapjack Dub, Lolly Poopoo in Doc Time, and Fedora in Last Object Standing.

MasterOfZoroark's icon of his YTP mascot Gumbonk.

Voice ActingEdit

His voice acting began in 2010, when he voiced Flapjack in the Flapjack Dub. From here, he voiced in other online shows such as the Flapjack Dub (Flapjack), Phatkidd (Hank, various characters), & Doc Time (Lolly Poopoo & George).

YouTube ShowsEdit

  • StarDylan1's Millionare - Sam Gherkins, Sylvester Aubergines
  • DJ TOONS Gamers - Himself
  • Ed Edd n Eddy Poop - Ren Höek, Himself (In Episode 8)
  • Cat House - Firetruck Kid
  • Last Object Standing - Fedora (In Episodes 2 and 3)


  • Flapjack Dub - Flapjack, Lolly Poopoo, The Chief, Additional Voices
  • Phatkidd - Hank "Phat" Kidd, Naggu Kidd, Jett, Ben Kidd, Additional Voices
  • Doc Time - Lolly Poopoo, George, Additional Voices