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Phatkidd is a redubbed series based on King Of The Hill. The show premiered on 4shared on April 3rd, 2010. The show follows the life of a 21-year old man named Hank "Phat" Kidd, who became ruler of America thanks to his room-mate Jett. The show follows on random stories about him & his friends. The show is currently on a hiatus.

Show InfoEdit

  • Starring the voices of: Snorlax318 & Dark Harvest Films
  • No. of seasons: 1
  • No. of episodes: 6
  • Running time: 5-7 minutes
  • Original site: 4shared
  • Original run: April 3rd, 2010 - present
  • Status: Discontinued

Hiatus ReasonsEdit

Phatkidd is on a hiatus because of its low attention. Not many people downloaded much of the episodes when they premiered on 4shared. The creators aren't sure about continuing the series' 1st season (even though the last episode was a 2-parter), but if the show gets 20 downloads (out of all the episodes) until the end of December, the creators might continue the rest of the season.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Hank "Phat" Kidd (Voiced by Snorlax318)

Hank "Phat" Kidd is a 21-year old man who wants to take over the world. Everyone calls him "Phatkidd" because of his wieght & middle name. His voice is also similar to Lolly Poopoo from the Flapjack Dub. He lives with his wife, Naggu & his son, Bobby. He is voiced by Snorlax318.

  • Naggu Kidd (Voiced by Snorlax318)

Naggu is Phatkidd's ex-wife. She mostly doesn't like Phatkidd & mostly wants a divorce with him. She lives with him & Bobby just to help them out with problems. She is voiced by Snorlax318

  • Bobby Kidd (Voiced by Dark Harvest Films)

Bobby is Phatkidd & Naggu's 13-year old son. He usually learns from Phatkidd once in a while & plays his GameBoy. He is voiced by Dark Harvest Films.

  • Jett (Voiced by Snorlax318)

Jett is Naggu's niece. She goes to hair college to pay her bills. She also hates Phatkidd only because of her attention to him. She is voiced by Snorlax318.

  • Jale Grubble (Voiced by Dark Harvest Films)

Jale is Phatkidd's next-door nieghbor & friend. He usually makes up stuff (one of them made Phatkidd realize his goal) that makes him paranoid & has a son named Hal. He is voiced by Dark Harvest Films.

  • Ben Kidd (Voiced by Snorlax318)

Ben is Phatkidd's younger brother. Phatkidd usually mistakes his name (like Bill or Bob). He comes to Phatkidd's house to get help from Phatkidd. He is voiced by Snorlax318.


Season 1: (2010)Edit

Episode No.

Title Summary Airdate
1 Nuke Pilot Phatkidd realizes his true dream. April 3rd, 2010
2 Homokidd Phatkidd somehow becomes wierd to Bobby. April 10th, 2010
3 Bobby Goes Tourettes Bobby starts to kick everyone in the nuts, including Phatkidd. April 17th, 2010
4 Jale Goes Nuts Jale & his son, Hal have a food eating competition against each other. April 24th, 2010
5 101 Channels Of Doom Naggu buys a new TV for Phatkidd & Bobby, but they begin to hate it. May 1st, 2010
6 Like Father Hates Son: Part 1 Phatkidd & Naggu get a divorce, leaving Bobby angry at them. Meanwhile, Jale believes that he is experiencing the Cloverfield incident. (Part 1 of 2) May 8th, 2010