Hair Color

None since he is a fish


Crazy Redd (cousin)


Spongebob, Patrick




Chocolate Fish

First Appearance

The Real Origin Of The Chocolate Fish

Episode appearances

1-12, ??/Series finale

Tom C. Fish is a fish that lives in the suburbs of Bikini Bottom. He is best known for his addiction to chocolate (because of this, it became a meme). Whenever a person says the word "chocolate", he'll go crazy & after the person who has it.


Chocolate FishEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1 0005

Tom giving Spongebob and Patrick money for all their chocolate. (Season 1, Episode 1B)

Tom first appears in The Real Origin Of The Chocolate Fish, where he is originally named Frank until When Worlds Burninate, when a fish named Fred called him by his actual name. Tom is a chocoholic in the series, constantly yelling "Chocolate!" whenever someone mentioned or had chocolate with them.

Season 2Edit

Episode 14 FINAL EPISODE 0001

Tom claiming Mr. Krabs guilty in the court case. (Unaired Episode)

Tom is still a chocoholic in the second season (first seen in The Chumolympics). In Prison Fake, Tom is seen as a prisoner on Inferno Island. In the series finale & unaired episode Chocolate Fish, Attorney At Law, Tom served as part of the jury in the case. He claimed Mr. Krabs guilty of injuring Plankton & this marks his final appearance in the show.